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In the pages which follow, we present key extracts from the book “Unlocking the Female Pelvic Floor”
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I write from my own personal experience as a woman who had the problem of severe chronic pelvic pain and incontinence and who had to face the fact that I needed to seek professional advice. 

Later, as a staff member of the first clinic in the world based on the methods outlined in this book, I had the opportunity to observe and discuss with other women, how their bladder, bowel and pain problems had affected not only their quality of life but also, the very essence of their being.

What I heard, confirmed the opinion I had formed, that the subject of incontinence has been hidden away by generations of women, a passive conspiracy of silence. During my time at the clinic, I realized that there is no age group that is untouched. It occurs even in children, in younger women during sport, during pregnancy and after childbirth. But incontinence is about much more than just the mechanics of bladder and bowel function which are described in this book. 

For the individual sufferer, it is a powerfully emotive issue. It causes acute embarrassment, erosion of self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Even the least fastidious woman knows that an odour could be perceptible to others in her company. This leads to a reluctance to socialize, which in turn further depletes her self-image. She has to cope with a high level of constant anxiety, such as having to be aware of the location of toilets. 

Some addressed their fate with resignation, others with bitterness. Many patients who came to our clinic had already exhausted all standard avenues of treatment. They were recommended because it offered them hope of cure for conditions which had been
considered incurable.

We have written this book for the woman who needs to understand how her pelvic organs work and how and why the methods so successfully applied by physicians who follow the new system promise to be a major step in finally lifting the veil of this conspiracy of silence.

Joan McCredie