Bladder, Bowel and Uterus

This is what your bladder, bowel and uterus look like when you are in the sitting position. Think of these organs as storage containers. The bladder stores your urine, the uterus your baby, and the rectum your faeces. Each organ is connected to the outside by a tube, urethra, which is about 4cm long, vagina, which is 10-12cm long, and anus, also about 4 cm long. The blood from your periods, and your baby also, pass through the vagina. Urine and faeces pass through the urethra and anus. Muscles compress these tubes to close them, and stretch them open for emptying. The bone in front of your bladder is called the pubic bone, and the bone behind your rectum is called the sacrum (tail bone).

The organs and their outlet tubes

2. The organs and their outlet tubes